Shipping Containers Used for Container House Construction

Selected steel shipping containers are the building blocks of container houses. Shipping containers are designed to be stacked, fully laden, up to 9 stories high, providing the structural strength that is the hallmark of the Addis container house construction method.

Standard Container Sizes
  20 foot 40 foot
interior length: 5.90m 12.03m
interior width: 2.35m 2.35m
interior height: 2.40m 2.40m

The standard sizes used for as structural elements for building container homes are "20 foot" and "40 foot" containers.

These containers are joined and stacked to form larger areas, and enclose spaces in a variety of designs.

Only selected new or "Architectural Grade" refurbished shipping containers are recommended for construction purposes.

Shipping Container Sales and Hire in New Zealand

Addis Containers also offer quality new, used and refurbished shipping containers for sale or hire in New Zealand.

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20 foot refurbished shipping container

20 foot steel shipping container

40 ft refurbished shipping container

40 foot steel shipping container

Interior view of new shipping container

Interior of new shipping container